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UNITA was founded in 1990. The manufacture of refrigerated display cases has been the main production program of the company since the very beginning. After years of successful operation, the company has gained fame especially as a custom manufacturer of complex supplies of interiors of meat shops, confectioner’s, bakeries, buffets, kiosks, restaurants and kitchens. The company has achieved its front position in the market especially thanks to being a stable and reliable partner able to manufacture complex equipment even for the most demanding customers fast, in high quality and for reasonable price.

7 advantages for you ...

With us you do not need to downgrade you ideas. (We will always create an original for you...)

You can have your entire shop interior from a single supplier. (No need to waste time or money...)

We own our production facilities. (You are sure to always find us. Our doors are open for you...)

We design our own design products. (We already create new trends...)

We constantly innovate. (We look for functional solutions in details...)

We are a professionally capable team. (It is the highest value we can offer to you...)

We do not lose interest in you. (You will always be our partner...)


Check our references. You will see that we have customers from smaller towns as well as at the most prestigious places.