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Samantha Bistro
Digital regulator
LED osvětlení
LED lighting
Elektric evaporation
Cooling display case SAMANTHA BISTRO IV


A self-service table refrigerating display case for the sale of goods at temperatures from +4° to +8°C *. The front vertical glass with the thickness of 6 mm is tilting, set in AL elox profiles and equipped in profile. The bottom display board of stainless steel design and display case body is formed by decorated laminated wood-chip boards. Sliding door to close the refrigerated space upon request only. Static cooling. Condensate is discharged into a waste condensate vessel. Lighting by means of AL line lamps fitted with up-to-date LED chips. A digital electronic regulator for optimum control of the display case operating cycles.



Cooled space temperature at the surrounding temperature from 16 °C to 25 °C and relative surrounding humidity up to 60%

+4°C / +8°C

Climatic category


Dimensions (w x d x h)

950/1250/1400/1700/1900 x 950 x 725 mm


230 V / 50 Hz

Installed power input     

600/600/600/800/800 W


R 404A

Amount of coolant

Samantha IV / 0,28 kg, GWP 3922, ekvivalent CO2 1,098 t

Noisy level LA

less than 60 dB

Protection of the plug socket circuit for connection of the display case

min. 10 A

Exhibition area

0,65/0,8/0,95/1,1/1,3 m2


117/135/145/170/190 kg

The product contains fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The guarantee period of the product is 12 months.

Guarantee and postguarantee repairs are carried out by the producer or, after an agreement, by the service centre in the place of the user.

Producer reserves the privilege for changeover.

Display case LED lighting

led.pngAll shelves are illuminated by LED light sources. A special light spectrum to support the appearance of displayed goods can be used on customer’s request.

Digital regulator

led.pngThe display case is controlled by a digital electronic regulator. Information and set values are displayed on a large backlit display, including colour icons of the status of the outputs and alarms. The regulator supports connecting to a central monitoring system.

Elektric evaporation

led.pngThe display case is fitted with the function of regulated automatic evaporation of waste condensate by means of an electric heating element. The evaporating tray connector can be simply disconnected from the power supply and removed for comfortable cleaning.



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